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CHILI FIREWORKS is a family-owned company, founded in 1997 by Mr. Li Bingnan, who has been active in the fireworks industry for more than 50 years. We offer a full spectrum of pyrotechnic products tailored to your vision, our R&D team and technicians never stop pursuing state-of-the-art pyrotechnics and superior raw materials. 

BLACK SCORPION – our registered trademark, the main brand of CHILI FIREWORKS, which we started to develop from 1997, enjoys a great number of customers in this business over 30 countries around the globe including Germany, Netherlands, Italy, French, Russia, United States etc. Owing to the fresh design and great performance during the collaboration with our customers and partners, the new products each year dominate the market. Categories cover a wide range of fireworks both for consumers and professionals (1.4G, 1.3G and 1.1G) , party items and small toys.

To help customer increase sales volume and open new market, we designed and selected several items in basis of the most popular effects and shots to create a market booster - TOP A+ SERIES, they have been the best sellers with the biggest order quantity and most competitive price in the market, currently in a collection of 15 items and the number is still growing, the increasing inquiries and orders indicate that the collection of TOP A+ SERIES HAVE SUCCESSFULLY become an important part of our partners' marketing plans and  we will keep developing new popular products, growing together with our partners in the future. 

CHILI FIREWORKS offers a full spectrum of pyrotechnic products tailored to customer's vision. Innovation and quality have always been the primary objective since the day when CHILI was founded.

Therefore, based on traditional battery, fountain and connectable items, by the means of continuous development and tests, we developed a patented product called PYROCUBE which is not only the perfect combination of shot tubes and fountains, but also has an ingenious improvement on its structure. PYROCUBE, also known as SHOWBRICKS, can be connected together one by one as needed to form an unique fireworks show. Various effects for choosing, the new connecting way is easier, more stable and much safer for consumers to have a great fireworks display. Patent number: EP16174669.8

Visit for detailed information, learn how to play the Pyrocubes.