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CLE4504 Magic Hour

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CAT.: F2

CE No.: 1008-F2-69254901
Shots: 93s
Duration (sec.): 90-100
Dimensions (mm): 410x305x155
Caliber (mm): 20, 25, 30
NEC(g): 1067

CBM (m³): 0.0447
Packing: 2/1


A: red tail to red palm+blue star,

B: green tail to red/purple/green peony,

C: red tail tosilver palm+blue star,

D: blue tail to white glitter+crackling,

E: blue tail to brocade crown+white glitter

A: red/blue star+white glitter,

B: silver palm to purple/green peony,

C: silver palm to crackling,

D: purple dahlia to gold/green glitter,

E: red palm to green palm+chrys,

F: brocade crown to red star

A: white glitter comet tail,

B: fuse tail to red blue+white glitter,

C: gold glitter comet tail, 

D: fuse tail to purple green+gold glitter,

E: brocade crown king comet tail, 

F: fuse tail to gold palm to red green,

G: fuse tail to brocade crown+blue,

H: fuse tail to red green+chrys.